Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Parque Chas: Buenos Aires` Labyrinth

Limiting with both Chacarita and Villa Urquiza neighborhoods, lies this architectonic jewelery, named after the Chas family who owned the land by then. With the arrival of many inmigrants in the middle of the 19th Century, Buenos Aires was forced to develop since there were many people looking for places where to settle. The land plotters were originated (now known as Real Estate developers) and took the most part in the development of the city looking for profit but there were also a few others who were not only interested in making profits but also looking for a different architecture which would be economically reflected afterwards as well.
The first 20 houses were built early in 1925 and these days, even the postmen can get easily lost!

Enjoy the picturesque Chalet houses which still remain from year 1925 throughout four blocks in La Pampa street, from number 5000 to 5400.
Transportation: Metro B (red line), Station De los Incas, Parque Chas.
For a map of the area including pictures with references, visit: