Saturday, March 21, 2009

Independent local designers in Buenos Aires

If you`re looking for original local designers, from jewelry to art, this two original stores are of those not to miss. One of the shops is located in hip Palermo Hollywood area and the other one is downtown, next to the financial district but what they both have in common is their high quality products created by Argentine independent designers.
Tienda Puro Diseño was created after many successful design fairs and in year 2002 the store was established. Works from more than a hundred argentine designers are sold, including clothing, jewelry, furniture, light, objects, kitchen utensils, carpets, paper products and designs for kids.
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Autoría Buenos Aires is a combination of design and art since this space includes apart from local designer`s objects and clothing, an art gallery with works from Argentine artists which is also included in the Gallery Nights circuit.
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United Buddy Bears in Buenos Aires

From the beginnings of March until April 13th, United Buddy Bears art exhibition has arrived to Buenos Aires` famous Plaza San Martin, located downtown. United Buddy Bears promote living together in peace and harmony on their global tour. Around140 Buddy Bears (each 2m tall) represent as many countries recognised by the United Nations.

Each Buddy Bear shows the individual design created by different artists on behalf of their native countries. The diverse design of the Buddy Bears - always typical for the respective countries- enables the visitors to experience a journey around the globe.

Buddy Bears activities and aid for children in need have formed an inseparable unit. To date, over 1.560.000 have been raised through donations and auctions in aid of UNICEF and local children`s relief organizations.

16 exhibitions on 5 continents: 2002 and 2003 Berlin, 2004 Hong Kong- Istanbul-Kitzbühel, 2005 Tokyo-Seoul, 2006 Sydney - Berlin- Vienna, 2007 Cairo-Jerusalem, 2008 Warsaw-Stutgart-Pyongyang and 2009 Buenos Aires.

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Address for the exhibition is Av. Santa Fe and Maipú. Metro blue line, station San Martin.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

China Town Buenos Aires

Every city has it`s own and like everywhere else, China Town of Buenos Aires is an amazing invitation to different flavour and traditions.
This small neighborhood was born in the 1980`s with the arrival of inmigrants, mostly from Taiwan. People from all over Buenos Aires visit the area since there`s a large variety of food and cultural life, including shops for anime and one of the few Buddhist temples in town (Chong Kuan Temple, in Montañeses 2175).
If you come to this area, don`t miss the supermarkets! you will discover the best fresh fish in town and for a quite reasonable price, many oriental products, weird vegetables and even cheap sushi rolls.

Location: Belgrano neighborhood, Streets that limit the area are Blanco Encalada, Juramento, Arribeños and Av. Libertador.

If you like this culture, don`t miss BuddhaBA, a great place for tea which includes an oriental garden and an Art gallery. For more information, visit

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Internet access in Buenos Aires

Whether you`re coming on business, vacations or to visit a friend, it`s very likely you will be looking soon for an Internet point. In Buenos Aires, a common practise are the "Locutorios" which are basically small shops were you can make both phone calls or use a computer with internet access. Some also provide the possibility to print documents or send faxes. They`re located everywhere you go in the city!

If you`re bringing your laptop with you, many public places like bars, restaurants, shopping malls and even ice cream shops, include WIFI hotspots for free, by purchasing any of their products. For a complete list of all the WIFI hotspots in Buenos Aires, check out the latest update by La Nacion Newspaper:

Parque Chas: Buenos Aires` Labyrinth

Limiting with both Chacarita and Villa Urquiza neighborhoods, lies this architectonic jewelery, named after the Chas family who owned the land by then. With the arrival of many inmigrants in the middle of the 19th Century, Buenos Aires was forced to develop since there were many people looking for places where to settle. The land plotters were originated (now known as Real Estate developers) and took the most part in the development of the city looking for profit but there were also a few others who were not only interested in making profits but also looking for a different architecture which would be economically reflected afterwards as well.
The first 20 houses were built early in 1925 and these days, even the postmen can get easily lost!

Enjoy the picturesque Chalet houses which still remain from year 1925 throughout four blocks in La Pampa street, from number 5000 to 5400.
Transportation: Metro B (red line), Station De los Incas, Parque Chas.
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Monday, March 9, 2009

Full moon walk in the Ecological Reserve

Very close to the financial district, there`s 360 hectares of green space known as the "Reserva Ecológica" or Ecological Reserve of Buenos Aires which include a wide variety of both plants and animals, typical from Litoral region and Rio de la Plata bank. The entrance is free and there`s guided tours during the day.
For adventurous, the closest friday to a full moon, there`s night visits starting at 20hs which allow amazing views of the city and the quietness of the green environment.
For reservations, call the Monday prior to the visit at (+5411) 4893-1588/1597 or at the Reserve from 8.30hs. Limited capacity. You will be asked for Name and last name, document, telephone. Each person may subscribe up to 4 people. For more information and to view full moon calendar, visit

Night visit at the Zoo

For all those looking for something off the beaten track during your stay in Buenos Aires, the city offers night visits to Buenos Aires` Zoo, located in Palermo neighborhood. The visit is guided and its ideal for families including kids. Discover the secrets of the night animals and enjoy the Zoo`s historical buildings at night in a 2hs visit.
Next visits in March: Wednesday 11th, Thursday 12th and Friday 13th from 20.30hs to 22.30hs. Kids under 6 not allowed.
Pre sale only, limited capacity **Small groups in order to respect the animals** Book at the Zoo: Mon-Fri from 10hs to 17hs, Sat. 10hs to 18hs. For more information check