Thursday, December 4, 2008

Gallery Nights Buenos Aires (now in Punta del Este)

Every last friday of each month, from 19hs to 22hs , more than 70 art galleries and museums open their doors to a free invitation to the newest artistic expressions in town. The circuit stretches from Recoleta to Retiro and includes Palermo neighborhood in special editions. The proposal also includes free public transportation on a bus route with set stops.
Free printed maps of the circuit are available at the art galleries. Chandon offers the general public a complimentary champagne glass in every art gallery and there`s live bands and artists performing in some of the venues as well.
During the month of January 2009, Gallery Nights moves to Punta del Este, Uruguay, where 5 special editions will take place at La Barra every friday of the first month of year 2009.
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