Thursday, March 12, 2009

China Town Buenos Aires

Every city has it`s own and like everywhere else, China Town of Buenos Aires is an amazing invitation to different flavour and traditions.
This small neighborhood was born in the 1980`s with the arrival of inmigrants, mostly from Taiwan. People from all over Buenos Aires visit the area since there`s a large variety of food and cultural life, including shops for anime and one of the few Buddhist temples in town (Chong Kuan Temple, in MontaƱeses 2175).
If you come to this area, don`t miss the supermarkets! you will discover the best fresh fish in town and for a quite reasonable price, many oriental products, weird vegetables and even cheap sushi rolls.

Location: Belgrano neighborhood, Streets that limit the area are Blanco Encalada, Juramento, ArribeƱos and Av. Libertador.

If you like this culture, don`t miss BuddhaBA, a great place for tea which includes an oriental garden and an Art gallery. For more information, visit