Monday, July 21, 2008

Day trip from Buenos Aires: La Plata

The capital of the Providence of Buenos Aires is 50 km from the Capital Federal. It is a nice and relaxing city full of young people. One of the biggest attractions is the Natural Science Museum in the Paseo del Bosque with dinosaurs and the history of the planet. This museum is very kid friendly and will awaken your wonder of the world and its many inhabitants. This trip is perfect for a day outside the hussle and bussle of Buenos Aires to enjoy small town Argentina and in all its tranquility. You can enjoy a nice walk around the town, visit some boutiques, the zoo, a nice cathedral, and some interesting colonial architecture of the local government buildings.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lujan, a not so well known city close to Buenos Aires

Lujan, the Capital of Faith, is located 60km from Buenos Aires capital city. Famous for its beautiful Cathedral, it includes other attractions like the Lujan Zoo, where you can go inside the animal`s cages including baby tigers, lions and monkeys or take a short elephant ride. This is a great alternative for animal lovers or young children.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A play of many stories: The theatre bookstore

If you are looking for one of the most beautiful bookstores in Buenos Aires, you should visit Grand Splendid Bookstore, located in Barrio Norte (Av. Santa Fe 1860).
Grand Splendid Theatre was originally inaugurated in year 1919 by Max Gl├╝cksmann (1875-1946), and after many investment plans which included demolition, it was turned into this wonderful bookstore which still keeps the original charm of the theatre, the booth seats where you can enjoy a book and even the stage, now turned into a coffee shop. On the top floor, there`s itinerary photography expositions.