Sunday, July 5, 2009

Closed door Restaurant...?

This is definitely a new concept for dining in Buenos Aires. But what are exactly the Closed door Restaurants? After the expansion of the many "boutique restaurants", some local Chefs decided to open their own private homes, twice or maybe three times a week, to a selected number of customers -with a previous and mandatory reservation- willing to enjoy a 5- step course meal with a set price (usually ranging from AR$ 90- AR$ 110) .
The courses usually consist of a welcome drink with a small appetizer, a salad, an intermezzo, the main course and dessert. In some of this restaurants, you can also include for an additional price, a 5 course selection of wines (white or red depending on the meal) and water is included in all cases.

Some of the restaurants are:

Make sure you make your reservation, only cash is accepted!